Talking CX: Faris on a Ferris

13.06.2017 Talking CX

“Anyone working in CX should go to Disney World, and then try to expense it to your boss, if possible.”

Advertising thinker Faris Yakob admires Disney World’s seamless marriage of technology and incredible customer service. “They think of every little detail to make your time there magical.”

For Faris Yakob, it’s the little things that make brands stand out.

“Small, defining brand gestures are really powerful, because just being good at what you sell, by definition, is not differentiating. Other people sell whatever you sell. The small defining gestures are where your memory gets hooked.”

Taking another page out of Disney World’s book, The Work’s Adam Donnelley advises Australian businesses to never stop reinventing themselves when it comes to customer experience.

“They’ve thought through every aspect of that experience but they don’t just stop. They’re constantly iterating, they’re constantly improving, they’re trying new things.”

But it’s not just big brands who stand to profit from smart customer experience design.

Faris Yakob’s favourite defining brand gesture in Sydney came courtesy of Momofuku restaurant, whose ‘kiss goodnight’ was the cherry on top of a memorable, unique experience.

Faris is a leading thinker at the intersection of creativity and advertising. He and his wife Rosie are co-founders of a nomadic strategy and innovation consultancy, Genius/Steals. This is the 2nd in our two-part interview with Faris – to view Episode 1, click here

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